Mapcycle Plugin (1)

  • This Plugin manages the maplist

    1 Short description

    The Mapcycle Plugin manages the maplist

    2 Configuration Overview

    JavaScript: configs/plugins/mapcycle.json
        "mapcycle": {
            "enabled": true,
            "automatic": true,
            "maplist": [
                ["mp_thedish", "TDM0", 2]

    == Detailed configurationvariables ==
    The configurationfile of the "MapCycle" function is located in the configs/plugins directory and is named mapcycle.json. An explanation of the variables follows:

    Variable Allowed values Description
    enabled truefalse true activates the Plugin, while false deactivates it.
    automatic truefalse If automatic is set to true the maplist will be updated automatically.
    maplist maplist is an array, consisting of arrays whith the following content: the mapname, the gametype and the amount of rounds of the maps

    List of Gametypes Battlefield 4 and Gametypes Battlefield Hardline