List of allowed startup parameters

  • This is a list of all allowed startup parameters.

    Name of Parameter Allowed values Description
    game cod2cod4cod5cod6bf4bfh This parameter sets the game, which should be loaded by GSM.
    cfgdir Text This parameter gives a specific config directory. Default is config.
    This parameter is optional
    logdir Text This parameter gives a specific logfile directory. Default is logfiles.
    This parameter is optional
    debug 1 bis 127 oder Bitmaske This parameter sets the debug level. You can get specific and more detailed errormessages by using different debug levels. The debug level are

    Gibt den Debug Level an. Unterschiedliche Debug Level geben bestimmte Fehlermeldungen detailierter aus. The debug level is composed of the following individual values, which will be added by usage:

    • OTHER = 1
    • RCON = 2
    • CONFIG = 4
    • API = 8
    • GEOIP = 16
    • DATABASE = 32
    • PLUGIN = 64
    In case you want to debug plugins and your config, you need to set your debug level to 68.
    This parameter is optional
    logrotate hourdayweek Sets the interval for creating a new logfile.
    apiuser Text Creates a new API username, but only works in compound to apipassword.
    Dieser Parameter ist optional
    apipassword Text Creates an API password for the by apiuser created user. This parameter only works in compound to apiuser
    Dieser Parameter ist optional
    updateconfigs 01 Compares the configuration files in config/plugins with the default values of the plugins and removes not existing and creates existing variables in case they are missing. If you are using plugins, then you should take care, that each default variables are set in the plugin, otherwise it could happen, that the GSM removes non-existing variables in the config, which prevents GSM from starting.
    Dieser Parameter ist optional