Posts by {cool.G} ingre this name is SPAM make from AR51 by kevinos

    i tired ban him
    so i add in bad name
    now he auto ban

    PS:this INFO for any admin team or clan dont belive him for TS3 free,is not just for start after ever 5 min spam poket for all peoples connect in you ts server want you pay money

    hello all
    guys i tested GSM in win7 server test all OK work
    but when i put in server cod4 online work with win10
    problem dont started need " msvcr110.dll "

    so i tiked from win7 "msvcr110.dll"
    and put in folder GSM
    now start good

    good luck admins server

    yes is realy hard BAN hackers change ip and key
    try bad name

    GSM work with scripts
    so i think will better
    old version
    just problem is change all
    messages and alias
    what we create personal

    good job mirko
    one question if I use server CoD4x normaly i have plugin anti aimbot+antinamechange + +
    it work to good
    but dont remmeber for cocept hack message

    PS: In any case ,I use your plugin .thx alot :thumbup:

    hi yenz
    is ok
    first: i thanks to any help you ,mirko, dennis + +
    second: you show me how installing geoip ,i mean this link
    third: I am writing already for local in 28 in PS:

    so i am right problem cause the local ip
    ok thx for help

    So, you can't see the country of a player in the welcome message?

    when i connect he show OPS connect country
    no France just word country
    i download geoip yenz gave me link
    country and sity
    is not good?


    we can use 2 plugins?

    PS: maybe i connect from local because dont show my country?

    you mean the geoip plugin?
    If yes:
    you don't need it anymore. The GSM has a build in geoip feature. The command is !location
    If no:
    I don't know what you mean

    my GSM work good exept geoip
    plyaer connect dont show country

    see my log GSM

    thx for help Yenz ,what about geoIP,dont work my see me spoller

    Installing the GSManager

    You should read the new installation instructions. Especially the last section about the gsm.cfg file.

    Tanks Yenz ,Mirko and Dennis for all help
    is work just geo IP not corect > see pls <
    MUST PAY MONEY??? for geoIP