GeoIP (1)

  • Describes the installation of the extended geo ip database to be able to use city names.

    The following functions are using data of the geo ip database:

    The delivered geo ip database offers only continent and country data. To get city data you need the extended (bigger) database.

    1 Installation of the extended geo ip database

    The following steps are necessary to that end:

    • Download the "GeoLite2 City" database in the "MaxMind DB binary, gzipped" format from this site.
    • Open or extract the GZ download with an appropriate program.
    • Copy the file GeoLite2-City.mmdb, which is located in the subfolders, to the following target: GSManager/daemon/libraries/geoip/

    To test the installation, restart the GSManager an check the output/logfile for the following line: Info: GeoIP: Database ... successfully opened. You should see that the new database GeoLite2-City.mmdb is used instead of the standard database geoip.mmdb.