How to make me an admin?

  • How to make me an admin?

    At the first start of the GSManager a random token will be created which can be used with !token use <TOKEN>.

    To know this token you have three possilibities:

    1 look into the console directly after the first start

    If you have just started the GSManager for the first time, you can see the following info box:

    [01.10.15 00:51:47] Info: *******************************
    [01.10.15 00:51:47] Info: *     CREATED ADMIN TOKEN     *
    [01.10.15 00:51:47] Info: *          Ydc-ouv-           *
    [01.10.15 00:51:47] Info: * You can use it ingame over  *
    [01.10.15 00:51:47] Info: *     !token use Ydc-ouv-     *
    [01.10.15 00:51:47] Info: *******************************

    2 Look it up in the log file

    Alternatively you can take a look into the log file (logfiles/daemon.log) and search for "ADMIN TOKEN".

    3 Look it up from the tokens.json

    As a second alternative you can look into the file, which holds every usable token: config/storage/tokens.json
    It could look like the following:

      "Ydc-ouv-": "ops"

    The first part is the token itself, the scond to which group you will be assgined.