TeamSpeak 3 (1)

  • Configuring the connection between GSManager and a Teamspeak3 server.

    If you want to connect the GSManager to your own TeamSpeak 3 server, you must configure it accordingly. In the basics.json, you can find the following section:

    "teamspeak3": {
            "enabled": false,
            "ip": "",
            "password": "",
            "serverqueryport": 10011,
            "username": "",
            "voiceport": 9987

    Variable Allowed Values Description
    enabled truefalse Should the GSManager connect to your TS3-Server, then set to true. If you don't want to use the TS3 features, then set to false.
    ip String The IP of the TS3-Server.
    password String The password of the ServerQuery user (more about this below in the section TS3-ServerQuery).
    serverqueryport Number The TCP-Port of the ServerQuery.
    username String The Username of the ServerQuery User.
    voiceport Number The TS3-Port, which you are using to connect to your TS3-Application.

    Please be patient, that we are only providing basic information about the TS ServerQuery, which are actually the most important information to connect your GSManager to your TS3-Server (Further information may be delivered, if needed)

    Add a ServerQuery User:
    You can add a Username in your TS3 by clicking on Extras -> ServerQuery Login. A password will be set automatically. You must add these two information in the configuration above.

    Which TS3-Permissions?
    To add a ServerQuery User you require the permission b_client_create_modify_serverquery_login. It depends how your TS3-Server was configured by default, your ServerQuery User requires further permissions (for sending textmessages, poking, recieving the list about each connected TS3-Client, etc.). If a required permission is not given, you will find any information about this in the GSManager logfile.

    Each TS3-Server has his own "flood protection" equipped, which prevents spam to a TS3-Server. By a basic configuration, any user (even your ServerQuery User) is only allowed to perform 10 commands in 3 seconds. This should also be enough for the GSManager, but by increased number of players and thus also potentially higher communication to the TS3-Server. this could result in a bottleneck. There is a query_ip_whitelist.txt in the TS3-Server directory, which prevents this. By adding the IP-adress of the GSManager, it is allowed to perform commands without any limitations. In case your TS3-Server and your GSManager are running on the same system, the you can also use the IP (must be entered in basics.json -> teamspeak3 -> ip), which has been added to the Whitelist (by default of TS3).