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    so why he said that he have 50 plugins and he will update them soon if they are private we are not wizards to know if they are private or no
    but .. i think 10 plugins are not private or maybe greater then 10
    one of them !emblem this just example

    wow 50 !!!
    why you don't share ?
    well i only know about 30 plugin in manuadminmod the !register , !contact and more things
    but what is that 20 more plugins ? can u share please ? :D

    i don't need to say it but i will and its (AHEAHEAHEAHEAHEAHEAHEAHEA)
    daa... you don't support GameRanger So i don't care with what iceops are doing and don't support iceops
    and u said
    In my opinion there is no need to add "warn for bad names".
    o rly ? @Azad69 ask if you can u can't come and say (In my opinion there is no need to add "warn for bad names".)
    this is in your opinion but azad want it ;)

    i really need to do it but i am already creating a plugin
    but some one here should help you now cause this plugin its -Easy- For some developer or management ;)
    don't worry

    GSC files
    killcam,!fps,!fov,!menu,ranks,and more
    the !fps fullbright @Azad69 no need for some u said that laaaaag or lag to follow the commands just he type !fps :D
    !fov = Full Out View
    forget this thing i will give you what you need to add in config.cfg at customcommands
    i will wait my friend to open GameRanger -.-
    to get config ^^

    its not there its here and the problem is i can't find it too :(
    3 cases kick , ban , tempban

    for sure i know the error
    copy paste the original banner i mean when u download the adminmod 1.0.0 beta 6 don't change any thing now
    go to banner.JSON
    the last
    banner added its "^2Try calling votes with ^3!vote{{br}}^2Versuche mithilfe von ^3!vote ^2Abstimmungen zu starten"
    this thing don't have , in the last like this thing "^2Play fair and have fun{{br}}^2Spielt fair und habt Spaß", (,)<---------
    so when u need to add new line just be sure that u added (,) in the last one its here
    "^2Try calling votes with ^3!vote{{br}}^2Versuche mithilfe von ^3!vote ^2Abstimmungen zu starten" with ,
    so all banners msg should have in the last like that "try !rules to see server rules",
    only the last one like that "try !rule to see rules"

    and i have some questions why you guys changed from .lst and .cfg to JSON ?
    i think 0.12 better then 1.0.0 beta 6 cause count of errors = 0
    when i try geoip in 1.0.06 not works and more things too like
    and why i have error with (Admin Valid !!!) ?
    its written for 0.12 ?

    cause or maybe when u add banner like that
    hack not allowed
    this is bad
    it should be like that
    "!vote to vote",
    only the last one should be without ,
    example "read rules"

    here the banner