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    I can get a nice business

    I don't understand, but if you plan on hosting GSManager for others you need a hosting license, anyways and then could use the interface, for this you would need to contact me by e-mail.

    1. I don't have any default api user. I can see my name and I don't have anything in that file.

    Look at this, APIUSER can be any GUID, so you could give admins on a GSM different usage rights in the interface:

    At 1.: In users.json there should be a user named [api] or similar, that is the default API-User. You could log in with any user specified there as long as he has API-Permissions and a password set.

    At 2.: Unfortunatley, at the moment the webinterface is only for clients that have their GSManager at Gamed!de. We are planning to extend this to everyone at any host OR self-hosted (for a small fee, i.e. €1 or less), but for this we need a new webinterface integrated in this website. (Ask Belstgut for progression :P)

    Sorry, i can not help you out further at the moment. (But you don't really need the interface, it does just make things easier, as hosted clients require.) It all depends on the interface, but Belstgut seems pretty busy lately.

    The documentation is not binding, this is binding:

    There will be no changes to support PHP 5.4, it is outdated. It's not advised to use outdated PHP-Versions.

    You can find newer PHP-Versions for your operating System at:

    You can't predict how something works if it doesn't work with the things we use and we use the GUID. There is no further need to explain why it works perfectly with some of them.

    We just don't support the usage with no GUID, as it is needed to work correctly. You could see if a non-cracked server gives everyone a GUID, then it should work perfectly.

    We will and cannot support cracked servers directly, as it is technically impossible. I marked this topic as "no error", as it is none with GSM. A developer might still step in to tell you more about this.

    This is not a GSM Problem. Most of your Players haven't got an GUID which is needed for those features to work correctly.

    This happens with cracked servers, as of that support for them was not given for a time in the past. And it seems CoD2 has some other issues with GUID, afaik.

    I hope, Mirko911 might be able to describe that more in-depth.

    A GSM Logfile when the censor does not work, when no killmessage appeared, even if it should and the same for a player joining without a welcome message being sent. And one for pingchecker when he should have taken an action, but none was taken. We got no CoD2 Servers for testing.

    The configdir would be on your PC, so no problem. You should never change it if you don't have two or more instances of GSM running. If hosted by Gamed a change is also not needed in any case.

    Yes, you can connect a Gamed GSManager to third-party GameServers. You would do so by using FTP in the logfile path. This is the way how cod4 and cod5 servers are connected at gamed, too. I'm wondering why this is not the case for cod2:ftp://username:password@host:port/path/to/log


    "logfile": "\/home\/s1213436\/.callofduty2\/main\/Server1_mp.log"


    "logfile": "\\home\\s1213436\\.callofduty2\\main\\Server1_mp.log"

    But it seems you are at a hoster, you should ask there which path needs to be given.

    Why my Map list is getting reset when I run the GSmanager? How to handle this?

    This is likely because you have activated (and not configured) the plugin mapcycle which overwrites your maplist settings made at your hosting provider.

    You can change this in configs/plugins/mapcycle.json, set enabled to false. Our documentation may help you with configuring the rest of GSManager.

    You are also free to ask questions in this forum or search through it, as it has all questions asked since 2008.


    First, please don't use capslock - it's not nice. Second, there is no local interface for this job. If you do not get GSManager by a licensed server provider, you can use it free of charge but it's intended to be used by experienced users, as installation and configuring needs experience.

    Also, you can't force your server provider to use it, as he will need a license to do so. GSManager for frostbite games for server providers is not free of charge. You can get a GSManager Instance with access to the webinterface at, this will work with a gameserver from other companies, too.

    You can configure permissions by editing groups.json and you can add users by configuring users.json. This script is written in PHP, a script language for support of all operating systems and for running on dedicated servers. It's not intended to be like Procon as it would not work on every server then.

    Since creation of this tool it was aimed to people that have experience or have fun to get some, if you search something that is really easy to click-configure ProCon better suits your needs. If you search something powerful but in need of some work to configure, GSManager is right for you. If you want it to be mixed, you need GSManager from a licensed server-provider as these have access to the webinterface that makes configuring easier. There is also no such thing as a Layer and a Client. GSManager is a layer or better called a daemon by itself. It is made to be configured once, put on a dedicated server and running infiniteley for automation and in-game administration. So, as you see, there are some differences between ProCon and GSManager.