ManuAdminMod 1.0.0-Beta+6 released!

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    Dear users of the ManuAdminMod,
    finally the first beta version of our new major release is publicly available.

    At the moment it supports the games "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" (with IceOps) and "Battlefield 4".
    Future versions will support "Call of Duty 2", "Call of Duty: World at War", "ArmA" and all frostbite games.

    As there were too many changes in the MAM we will not provide a changelog. It has been overhauled completley.
    Please note that this version is a real beta version and will have bugs. Please try out the new version - especially
    for Battlefield 4 and report all bugs and wishes you encounter to us.

    Please note, that the license has changed. While downloading you agree to the license terms of CC BY-NC-ND 4.0,

    You can find the download in our download database. German documentation has been updated as far as possible, but you
    will need to configurate it yourself, as our generators will not be available until the final release. For english documentation
    we still need translators. It will be ready for our final release.

    Gamecodes for mam.cfg are:
    bf4 = Battlefield 4
    cod4 = Call of Duty 4
    codx = Call of Duty 4 with Iceops.

    We are also searching for staff. If you want to help us out, send me a conversation:
    - Translators (German <-> English as well as other languages for MAM itself and our website)
    - Developers (You need to have sufficent php knowledge)

    The plugin system has been reworked but is not in a final state, if you write plugins, you may need to adapt them later.
    A documentation for plugin developers will follow, for understanding the MAM you can visit our Doc:

    Thanks to the hard working staff, all supporters and everyone who uses MAM!

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