Cod4 and Punkbuster

  • As you might have heard, evenbalance dropped their support for cod4. So what does that mean, if you install Cod4 again, u wont be able to receive updates for cod4. so whats the problem? every server which is running the latest version of punkbuster will probably kick you for old version.

    So what does that mean for Serveradmins. If you want to support new players you probably have to remove Punkbuster from your server. This is a problem because then you have like no good way to ban cheaters or scan for illegal binds or so.

    Damn u activision. Trying to shut down old games... NO WE WONT BUY GHOSTS BECAUSE U SHUTDOWN COD4...
    yeh im really mad now :P

  • i haven't tested it, but I think there is a way to get the actual pb.
    The same way works with cod2 too.

    You need an old pbsetup.exe with the .html files where the games are stored.
    Then pbsetup performes an update and replaces the html files with newer files [new files don't have the cod4 entry]
    now you have to replace the new html file with the old ones. And pbsetup shows you "cod4" as option to update ;)

    For cod2 it works

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