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    change this line

    %PHP% -f gsm.php -- -game %GAME% -cfgdir %CFGDIR% -logdir %LOGDIR%

    to this

    %PHP% -f gsm.php -- -game %GAME% -cfgdir %CFGDIR% -logdir %LOGDIR% -debug 127

    in the gsm.bat

    The only thing we "spam" is the "New Version available" Notification each 15 Minutes.

    And you can disable the rconSay Message for it via config in the daemon section (updatecheck = false)

    the logfile says that everything is fine.

    Atm. I've no idea why the config is empty. If the file would be write protected you would get a Warning Log entry.

    Which PHP Version do you use?


    sry for the long waiting time.

    Can you try to replace the content of the plugins/randommapcycle/randommapcycle.php file with this one:

    can you try to replace the daemon/libraries/database/database.php file with