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The GSManager is a powerful and platform independent tool for the administration of servers of various games. It offers you as an administrator functions that allow you to administrate your server significantly more easier and faster. Among other things you have the ability to kick and ban players, perform map changes, change game settings immediately or retrieve information about players.
The GSManager provides various interfaces to access these functions. Eligible players are authenticated on the server automatically and without the hassle of entering a password in order to be able to execute commands directly in the game. Also, there is an application for Windows that provides all functions outside of the game. Through sophisticated rights management every administrator can accurately be assigned to the right, which he needs. It is no longer necessary to hand over the RCON-Password to your administrators. You have full control over what happens on your server.
The GSManager also offers numerous automatic functions. Thus, players who behave incorrectly, for example by using swear words, wearing inappropriate names, using prohibited weapons or otherwise doing undesirable things, are automatically detected, warned, and if appropriate, kicked or banned. After a single configuration of these functions a manual intervention of an administrator is no longer necessary. The GSManager is running all day and all night and monitors your servers. Rules can be enforced deliberately and easily in this way.
The GSManager works perfectly without the complicated integration of a "real" modification in the games. Since the GSManager is no modification in the traditional sense, hence it doesn't modify the server in the least, the files, settings, and other properties of the server remain original. Also awkward downloads are completely eliminated for your players, since they play on an unmodified server. The GSManager is rather an independent program, written in PHP, that constantly monitors all actions on the server (through the server log or other ways), and accordingly responds (for example via RCON).
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