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    yo all ,hi Ketchupmaster
    you have test it?
    it work?
    can you send me you new PHP
    because i try not work MAM

    No I havnt. But to make it easier for you...

    PHP file her: Download PHP file here
    Upload the PHP file to plugins.

    Then add this to the config.cfg:

    enabled = 1
    weapons = "p90,knife,etc"
    gametype = "sd"
    warnstokick = 2
    mode = "kick"
    reason = "Used a restricted weapon: <WEAPON>"

    and modify the weapons to the weapons you want to restrict.

    Copy the code voices added, and open notepad++ or just notepad, past the code there and save the file as a .php file.

    And add this to config.cfg

    I never really used tcp before, but you have a generated password so it would be like this:


    As an example. Eventually you used a bad generator that just isnt working right. As Master of Little said, sha1.
    Heres a sha1 generator:


    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in E:\adminmod\plugins\warns.php on line 84

    Hmmm, not sure why line 84 would be wrong. 84 for me is

    Here is the full warns.php that I have and it works for me.

    Make sure you replaced it, and not just pasted it in so both is there.

    Make sure you fixed the stuff here in config.cfg

    enabled = 1
    ip = ""
    port = 1337
    logintimeout = 30
    defaulaction = "say"
    sayprefix = "^3TCP-Admin (<ADMIN>): ^7"
    admingroups = "master,admin"
    disallowedcommands = "vote,yes,no,stats,session"
    maxconnections = 5

    Replace the line

    $players[$guid]->say($mod->getLngString("hasBeenWarned", array("<NAME>", "<REASON>", "<WARNS>", "<MAXWARNS>"), array($players[$towarn]->getName(), $reason, $players[$towarn]->warns_warns, $mod->getCV("warns", "warnstokick"))));

    with the line

    $mod->rconSay($mod->getLngString("hasBeenWarned", array("<NAME>", "<REASON>", "<WARNS>", "<MAXWARNS>"), array($players[$towarn]->getName(), $reason, $players[$towarn]->warns_warns, $mod->getCV("warns", "warnstokick"))));

    In adminmod/plugins/warns.php

    Thanks to NiNJA for helping me with this one :biggrin:

    To be honest they made temp banning even better. why should they downgrade it manuadminmod is outdated not the iceops files because i can define with tempban how long the ban takes without having to set tempbantime cvar or whatever that thing was called. So here is a fix. replace player.class.php with my version for 1.7a this also will remove delaying bans due to first announcing them in pm and then banning. player will now be instantly dropped and reason will be displayed in ban message. (the original file is located in the classes folder)


    player.class.php for cod 1.7a

    Thanks! Worked great! Finally we can tempban on my servers. :w00t:

    can u post mam log when it crashes? and for displaying stats on website, you need a webfrontend which connects to your database and displays the statistics.

    Couldnt find anything on the mam log. It says last updated 17.03.2014 but the last line is from 14.03.2014.

    And what is this webfrontend? How do I do it?



    Manuadmimod keeps crashing after this. It fails in starting :(



    statsstring = "^2Kills: <KILLS> ^1Deaths: <DEATHS> ^3K/D: <KPD> ^2time: <ONLINETIME> min ^3K/M: <KPM> ^2HS: <HEADSHOTS> ^7TKs: <TEAMKILLS>"
    whisperstats = 0
    savestats = "sqlite3"

    Here i changed savestats to mysql, but then manuadminmod crashed. Also tried MySQL in case that would work but still crash. Then i changed back to sqlite3 and MAM runs. But statistics website not working:/

    Hey guys, im trying to make a Stats page for my servers running ManuAdminMod. I have problems figuring out what I have to do to connect the servers MAM to a MySQL database.

    Does anyone know how and wants to help me? :D



    The three commands !aliases, !tempban and !stats is not working like it should:

    !Aliases only show the current aliases, if I join the servers as Ketchup I only have that alias until I change alias in the current game. If I change name to for example Master, and reconnect to the servers, my only alias is Master. While it should be every alias I ever used in the server.

    !tempban is not working either, it says that I temporary banned player blabla, but he is still in the server playing, and isnt banned.

    !stats is also not working, I want it to be the total stats of all gamestats, totally playtime, kills, deaths, k/d etc, but its just for the current games.

    Anyone know what the problem can be? I can upload any files needed.

    Heres some files I think might be needed:




    Thanks for any help:)