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    Happy new year 2018, I wish health and all the best to you and your family

    С новым годом 2018, я желаю здоровья и всего наилучшего вам и вашей семье


    hello guys
    long time
    need info

    for download
    this is for linux to?
    need help

    anyone have video how install gsm on linux?
    need php or already in svp php?
    i am newbie in linux
    rent svp, not cool in linux ^^

    thanks for any help or info ?(

    Hello all
    thx for answer mirko and dennis
    but i asked not for you my question
    for CoD4x Admin servers who use again MAM
    because i use MAM
    i fix my MAM for the few years
    and GSM i try but cant add my commands my funny messages
    for the moment i like MAM
    yes GSM better but i try fix GSM after

    dennis i post my question here in GSM forum because your TEAM created MAM
    all Admin server visit here maybe help me

    Hello all
    for my server i use Manu-Admin-Mod v0.11.5 beta
    all work nice, just one little problem with TEMPBAN
    not work just show message no KICK
    but KICK and BAN work GOOD
    anyone have good PHP plugin for TEMPBAN
    my server run CoD4X 1.7a after we go to 1.8

    thx for any info

    Happy New Year, I wish you all the best
    С новым годом, желаю вам всех благ
    Bonne année, meilleur voeux

    bro where is all commands?
    i want learn all commands
    i understand ,we can't personalised GSM

    You have created a nice mashin
    and how to manage it do not say

    all will work just need you help us, show us where is mistake

    dude you see only map list?
    i post commands
    other users add him new commands
    so we make the best commands ,that work well

    can FIX it any one

    NEW commands


    NEW commands

    just for command important and universal for example from MAM