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    Just replace auto with the path to logfile ...

    when i do it, it gives error , sytex error config\config something like this

    btw i will try again tomorrow. then i will tell if it still gives error

    what? i have no idea what your problem with the latest version is.

    i mean it have auto log file , i cant host promod in it , when i change it to simple it gives error.. then how i can host promod? without it i can host , cause games_mp.log is in pm folder (for pm hosting) :/

    o but in latest version have auto log file and i cant host on it? in this it starts but it doesnt show messages..

    you can see this -_- thats everytime happens why? -_- BTW THIS IS COD4 -_-

    btw i only edited the Mam.cfg set cf4 to cod4 , and php location?...

    nvm -.- @Belstgut thanks! tell imarkus to put this in table

    extension=php_mbstring.dll (just remove ; )


    i installed and configured mam correctly ,,, when i start it , it gived me error : This softwere needs "MBSTRING" extention. Please install it ,,

    or if i am wrong can someone send me install guide..... ?

    If you are using a mod the copy finalkillcam.iwd to your Mods/modname folder and if you are using no mod then copy finalkillcam.iwd to your main folder located in your cod4 installed location

    lol i know how to install :P btw 1 question , how to slow it down ? when person hits it slows it down ... Slow motion.. :p

    guide to install ? O_O

    there :