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    So i was told my server dosent support the rcon commands yet ofcourse it does i use deathrun 1.2 and im with studio4host and i can use /rcon adm bounce:knif3r but i need them fo clan member and admins as im not gonna give them rcon i use cod 4 deathrun 1.2 my mod is compatible because ive had a server before and it worked fine with custom commands and my friend uses the saem studio4host deathrun server and his custom commands work fine. Help me please. :biggrin:

    Everyone in my server is asking for !spawnall and !bounce so i got the custom cmd lines and added them but they dont work some people have told me i need admin.gsc where can i get this ??


    id like some custom command lines for commands such as !msg !s !spawn !bounce !kill !wtf !givexp !endmap !endround :tongue:

    Any reply would be fantastic.