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  • Hi, first off all, thanks for your great work in developing Manuadmin mod and GSManager, they are both great and help many server owners like my self to improve on games by adding missing features to them.:thumbup:

    Second and the point of my post,
    I would like to know if there is the possibility of getting the source for the old website and its contents, in order to create a website to give support to server owners that are still running the Manuadmin Mod, which many of us modified to suite our needs and would require much work time in order to adapt such changes to the GSManager, and miss and require the online documentation and configuration files generator, so that they can properly set up the mod and improve in it.

    It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, off course all the credits/mentions to you for the development of the mod, will remain in the website and its contents if decide you provide them to me, it will eventually (once its all setup in the host) also be updated to redirect new users to download the GSManager and to this website.


    PS: Sorry if I post it in the wrong place, but didn't found a more suitable one. I've been registered for some time, but never felt the need to post in order to get answers

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    thanks for your feedback.

    Unfortunatley there is nothing left of the old website. When we did the last forum software upgrade on these forums we imported the contents of all old websites and deleted what we did no longer need.

    As we also cannot endorse the use of ManuAdminMod anymore but instead endorse the switch to GSManager so we would also not be particulary willing to help with this intent.

    The old configuration file generator is still in our posession and we have something similar for GSManager, but not released. The old documentation has been updated and released here, so it's also no longer available, as it was no longer needed.

    Sorry that i can't give you good news.

  • Hello Dennis, it's still bad, you support the transition from MAM to GSM, the plugin I requested so far has not been rewritten, and I need to use the old ManuAdminMod! You asked me to translate the documentation, but I will not do this until my request is fulfilled. You, of course, are all good comrades, but do not keep your promises.

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