Yell Part_Of_Name Causes GSM Restart!!

  • Hello, I'm not sure if it's a bug or it's my configuration problem,

    But when ever I send "!yell oxy Hi" GSManager restarts it self!

    since my name was oxygenz in the server, I was trying it on my self, not other players, Also It works okay when I put "All" instead of "oxy"..

    Thanks to GSM Developers for developing GSM, It made server managing really easier. <3

  • Can you post the part of the logfile when the crash occured?

    [02.07.17 13:43:31] Info: Player 'n2L.oxygenz' executed command: 'yell oxygen Hi', PID: 2, GUID: 02aa15fbfbc088b5718ccb0b0cd69bd9
    [02.07.17 13:43:31] Notice: Notice in root/cod4/GSMs/Pub_28960/daemon/engines/quake3/commands.php:562 => Undefined offset: 1
    [02.07.17 13:43:31] Error: Error in root/cod4/GSMs/Pub_28960/daemon/engines/quake3/commands.php:562 => Call to a member function getPID() on null
    [02.07.17 11:13:32] Info: =========================
    [02.07.17 11:13:32] Info: GSManager (Version 1.2.2)
    [02.07.17 11:13:32] Info: =========================
    [02.07.17 11:13:32] Info: Config loaded: basics.json
    [02.07.17 11:13:32] Info: Config loaded: plugins/statistics.json
    [02.07.17 11:13:32] Info: Config loaded: plugins/censor.json
    [02.07.17 11:13:32] Info: Config loaded: plugins/balancer.json 

    Here you are

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