Importing mysql stats to an external website.

  • Hi guys,

    So today (or over the next few days) I will be trying to import my game statistics to my forum. I figured that a few people might want to try and do this, and I'm a complete noob at it, so I'm going to post my progress as I go. If anyone has any tips or suggestions I would appreciate your help.

  • What game statistics are you talking about, what exactly do you want to import onto your forum?

    So this project has kind of died as I got unexpectedly busy. However, I'll let you know the plan in case I come back to it soon.

    First of all I was going to export the stats.db info to a website so people can see their stats when visiting our forum (for example). This was the first step as manu is already set up to send the data to the mysql database.

    After this, I wanted to link up both the banip.db and the bans.db plugin to the website so that bans can be reviewed via that website, but this would involve linking those databases to the mysql manually, hence why it's kind of phase two :D

    Additionally, a friend of mine who was doing the same sort of thing thinks it's possible to set up a web based unban system based on the above.

    As with most projects like this, I only really do it as and when I have enough time, which is not often. So, I realistically don't expect any results soon. However, When I made some decent progress I was going to post everything here. Hope this answers your question :D